Cross-Stitch Hoop Cover

This project is a collaboration with Hoopsie Java for the Game of Shrooms 2024. They made a cute little mushroom cross-stitch on a small hoop, and we designed their hoop cover.

The problem is that when a cross-stitch project is over, sometimes the backside of the project looks untidy. This cover helps conceal that.

I think that this is a possibility, to make covers for other hoop sizes, but we’re happy to do this for them.

This is also momentous as it becomes the first 3D object we designed and printed with a new software of our choice, Shapr3D. We were searching for something that would allow us to design things which prints we can sell. We were on OnShape, but wanted to find an alternative at a more affordable price.

We designed the back to be threaded in after the artwork and the hoop is inserted to the front cover.

And this is the finished result ready as our third item for the Game of Shrooms 2024. I think for future iterations, I’d make the frame a little bit thicker as to cover the wooden hoop entirely. But I’m already excited thinking of different colors I can make this in.