Custom Rectangle Planter for our Patio

As the days warm up, we started paying more attention to our patio. There’s a spot in a corner where a 4″ gap exists. It’s been our intention to close it with a planter somewhat so that things don’t roll off the patio and fall downwards to the street.

The challenge is having all dimensions larger than 4″ so that the planter itself doesn’t go off the patio should strong wind blow. However, the spot itself has a pretty definite width to fit within, which is 4.5″. One dimension is fixed, then.

The length ideally should be flush with elements around it, which is another planter, and a corner of the wall. And since we design it ourselves, we can achieve our ideal. We also would like it to be brown to fit well with other elements surrounding it.

We didn’t take too many pictures, but here it is, nestled nicely in its spot.

A timelapse of the making of this planter is below. This was perhaps one of the longest prints we did.