Greenweave Planter for Vining Plants

Sometimes we see a model created by others on the internet and felt move to download and print it. This spring, we’re into vining / climbing house plants, and found this amazing model by NamanK_Designs on Thingiverse. I printed it at 80% to make sure it fits in our Bambu Lab P1S printer. The creator actually suggested against scaling down in case some parts get too thin to be printed, but it seemed to print ok. It took slightly below 8 hours, so a perfect overnight print.

I knew rightaway doing the optimum supports might be a real issue, but I really need to try it. So the hardest part is, as expected, removing the supports. Most of them are not so bad, but the worst is one part where the support tree branch fully encloses one of the ribs. That part alone took so long to unravel, and it’s still not clean. Note to self next time: to check all of the supports in the slicer before printing.

I’m using Ender’s Rainbow PLA filament, and it printed pretty well. Not that much stringing. I thought the color-changing effect would be a good sight to see throughout the height of the planter.

I printed another one with manual support, which was a lot easier to remove, but the quality of the bottom of the parts with those supports or without suffer. Regardless, it was still a good planter for private use.

Planting time

I chose pothos that I have water-rooted recently. The fact that the bottom of the planter doesn’t have a hole is perfect for the situation as I expect the soil will need to be on the wetter side for the water-roots to transition. I chose smaller cuttings.

A little while later, we have a beautiful planter with vining plants. Can’t wait to see it grow and fill in the climber planter. I will likely update later.

Timelapse Video

Tidy Mesh presents print timelapse video of Greenweave Planter.