California Poppy Suncatcher

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This lightweight, quick-print colorful stained glass is perfect for puzzle kit or just for your own satisfying process of assembly. We’re honoring our home state, California, the sunny golden state, and its state flower, the orange poppy.

Glue: not required (pieces were carefully made to snap-in to frame).

AMS: not required. Just print each color stl separately.

Support/bridges/raft: not required.

Filaments: Translucent filaments. I used yellow, orange, and green, but you can use your own fun colors.


The license is CULTS CU-ND (Cults COMMERCIAL USE – NO DERIVATIVE), as defined by Cults3D.

You can:

  • copy and distribute 3D prints of the 3D model for any use, including commercial, in unlimited quantities.

You cannot:

  • Share your 3D prints without attribution
  • Adapt or modify the 3D model
  • Distribute or resale the 3D model file(s).

Go here if free non-commercial models are ones you’re looking for. Otherwise this is where all the ones for commercial use are.