Monstera Leaf Suncatcher

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This lightweight, quick-print colorful stained glass is perfect for a puzzle kit or just for your own satisfying process of assembly.

Perfect for plant lovers out there.

Glue: not required (pieces were made to snap-in to frame).

AMS: not required. Just print each color stl separately.

Support/bridges/raft: not required.

Filaments: Translucent filaments. I used green, white, and yellow, but you can use your own fun colors.


The license is CULTS CU-ND (Cults COMMERCIAL USE – NO DERIVATIVE), as defined by Cults3D.

You can:

  • copy and distribute 3D prints of the 3D model for any use, including commercial, in unlimited quantities.

You cannot:

  • Share your 3D prints without attribution
  • Adapt or modify the 3D model
  • Distribute or resale the 3D model file(s).

Go here if free non-commercial models are ones you’re looking for. Otherwise this is where all the ones for commercial use are.