Summer Solstice Planters Giveaway

Summer solstice is almost here on the northern hemisphere (in 3 days, which is Jun 20th 2024). The days are at their longest, the nights warmer, and it’s been really nice!

We have 2 octagon planters of the same size, dubbed “sunset” and “midnight”, to give away. The top of the planter is round, but the bottom is octagonal (hence the name). It’s equivalent to a 4″ planter and has drain holes. Each has a white octagonal drip tray with an inset so that the planter will sit nicely in it.

Giveaway Details

Last entry

Friday July 5th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.


If you’re in the USA, join in! This makes sure we’re not hit with massive shipping and duty charges.

How to Participate

  1. Follow us on instagram.
  2. Comment either “sunset” or “midnight” (which one you’d like to win) on this particular Instagram post. Important: please comment on this post only. Comments on other posts will not be considered. Please help us see you! 🙂

If you comment both colors, then we’ll pick a color for you at random to be considered for the drawing, not necessarily increasing a chance for you to win. No need to tag others for simplicity.

How We Pick the Winners

On Saturday July 6th evening, we’ll pick a commenter randomly for each planter color and if the commenter follows us on instagram, then we have a winner for that color. If the drawn commenter is not a follower, then we’ll have another drawing until we have a commenter that is a follower of ours. We want to make sure that our followers have their chance to winning.

We’ll announce and tag the winner and a runner-up winner for each color on an instagram reel/post. The runner-up for each color will be messaged if the winner doesn’t respond to our message about where to ship the planter.

If You Win

We’ll direct message your instagram account immediately to get a definitive address where to send the planter to by Tuesday July 9th. If that is not successful, we’ll message the runner-up for that color to get their information. You don’t need to pay for anything, just wait for your planter to arrive.

Good luck! 🙂