Tidy Mesh is on Ko-Fi!

Recently we thought about making 3D-designing and printing sustainable for us, by pivoting to a membership-based model. We have yet to finalize the details, but we decided to use Ko-Fi as our platform to do this.

What is Ko-Fi?

Ko-Fi is a website that makes it easier for creators to have supporting members, take donations, sell products, take custom requests, etc. It’s quite a good concept, and we think that it takes a fair amount of fee in comparison with other platforms.

Is Ko-Fi a trustable website?

Yes. As of March 2023, a year before this blog post was written, the platform had 500,000 creators. That was 200,000 more creators than Patreon had. It had been helping creators get paid for what they’d do best: creating.

What is your first plans on Ko-Fi?

The first thing we did was setting up a $100 goal: a 4″ x 6″ shipping label printer and its first paper cartridge. We think having a label printer will help us be less wasteful. We’ve been printing our shipping labels with Letter-Sized printing paper and affixing the paper onto our packaging with a lot of clear tape. The rest of that printing paper goes to recycling right away unused. By having a dedicated sticker printer, we wouldn’t be wasting that paper anymore.

We are also taking donation on our Ko-Fi page. If you’d like to support us because you like our free designs and find them useful, you can head to that page.

Obviously memberships and store are the next to come. We’re excited about this! Hope to see you there!