Tidy Mesh says Hello World!


Tidy Mesh creates fun 3D printable designs because we understand the joy of peeling a successful print off the build plate.

We’re life partners who started our 3D modeling journey by designing very functional things for our household. Our earlier designs were never uploaded anywhere and were just printed to be used right away.

A bit more about us and our tools, see our About page.


We decided to share our designs on various platforms. Some of our designs are forever free for non-commercial use, and some are paid, to help us keep going and get something back for the time we spent 3D modeling.

Ultimaker Thingiverse


We’re happy to share that the Mason Jar Wide Lid with Slider earned the Cults3D “Selected Designer” badge, shared with a small portion of the site’s users.

The badge made us feel fuzzy and warm, and motivated us to keep designing and sharing with others. This page lists a few more of our models which also have since won the Best Designs trophy.

We also sell prints

We sell the prints of our designs through our Etsy shop, shipping within the United States of America, where we are based in.