Self-Watering Octopus Wide Mouth Mason Jar Planter

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Similar to our other mason jar planters, this planter is self-watering. Set up once and revisit pretty rarely. It has tiny holes in the tentacles that would let water in from the mason jar reservoir and let the capillary action work to keep the soil moist, as long as the bottom-most tentacle is under water and soil reaches down there in the inside. It includes a water channel on the side so that refilling the reservoir conveniently doesn’t require opening the whole assembly.

This works with 16oz mason jars with wide-mouth.

This model requires support. Use 3 walls with 0.4 mm nozzle. Print slow on the outside to let the details printed nicely.

For instruction or care, see this How-To section for our self-watering mason jar planters.

This planter is used in this Pon project.


The license is CULTS CU-ND (Cults COMMERCIAL USE – NO DERIVATIVE), as defined by Cults3D.

You can:

  • copy and distribute 3D prints of the 3D model for any use, including commercial, in unlimited quantities.

You cannot:

  • Share your 3D prints without attribution
  • Adapt or modify the 3D model
  • Distribute or resale the 3D model file(s).

Go here if free non-commercial models are ones you’re looking for. Otherwise this is where all the ones for commercial use are.