Cabinet upcycle with simple 3D print

We got a Bambu Lab P1S recently for bigger build plate and faster print. We’ve been eyeing this printer for a little bit, and after months of thinking, we made the decision.

We actually had to look for a piece of furniture to have it on because it’s bigger than our first printer, the Flashforge Adventurer 3. A neighbor was looking into getting rid of a cabinet that will hold the P1S nicely, and I took her offer.

The thing about this cabinet is that it doesn’t have a door, you can kind of see things inside, and it makes the room more messy than I’d like. And, that the color is quite a bit different to the rest of our living room, where the printer is.

Enter: wood dowels, a piece of nice fabric, small strong magnets, and 3D printed dowel ends. The dowel ends were printed with the P1S itself, and they also house the magnets. Metal washer are placed on all the corners of the cabinet front. We’re making a curtain rod for the cabinet, kind of.

And now, the end result! Tada!